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Services and Areas of Competence

Real estate law

Our team maintains more than 10 years of experience in the field of Real Estate and Property Rights in Panama, without limiting ourselves we share a list of some areas of expertise:

  • Contract of promise, sale of properties and lease.

  • Constitution and foreclosure.

  • Advice on segregation and incorporation of real estate. Including support with the pertinent path of the approval of the plans.

  • Advice to real estate developers or developers in the process of processing contracts and deeds. As we provide outsourcing service to handle the section of procedures of the promoter focused on results.

  • Statements of Improvements and process of declaration of demolitions of improvements.

  • Preparation and revision of Horizontal Property regulations and incorporation into said regime. Including Advice on the administration of horizontal property, protocolization of Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Directors or of the Assembly of Owners of horizontal property.

  • Litigation in real estate processes.

Corporate law

We advise small, medium and large companies to establish a solid corporate / legal structure in Panama so that they can carry out their business locally or internationally. In the same way, we support and guide you to establish a structure aimed at safeguarding your assets.

Some examples of the services we provide are:

  • Constitution of Stock Companies, preparation of Minutes of the Shareholders' Meeting or of the Board of Directors, Powers of Attorney.

  • Constitution of Civil Companies and private agreements of partners.

  • Advice on the preparation of company statutes, either for investment or holding of goods or assets.

  • Constitution of Private Interest Foundations and elaboration of regulations.

  • Constitution of Non-Profit Foundations and their approval before the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the deduction of taxes for donations to the Foundation.

  • We handle the Sale of Shares and manage the relocation of legal entities.

  • Corporate Due Diligence, according to the new Panamanian laws.

Consumer protection

More than 8 years of experience handling situations related to Consumer Protection, both from the perspective of the Economic Agent and the Final Consumer.

We offer advisory services for matters in the administrative sphere, that is, before the Authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition (ACODECO) or consumer protection judicial processes in commercial courts.

Migration and Labor Migration Directorate

Being Panama Bridge of the World and Heart of the Universe, a vast plan of options has been developed in immigration matters for foreigners who wish to do business or settle in Panama.

Our team can advise and guide you to locate the best visa or permit program and assist you in the application process for the immigration status that best suits your situation and interest, as well as your respective work permit processing before the Directorate of Labor Migration of the Ministry of Labor.

Family right

We support and guide you in situations related to your family, be it food processes, divorce management, visitation regulations, custody and upbringing and even recognition of de facto or post-mortem marriages.

Always focused on resolving the situation in the best way, at the height of the sensitivity of the issue, aimed at solving it extrajudicially by applying alternative methods of conflict resolution.

Procedures before different government entities


We handle all kinds of administrative procedures before the various government entities, without limiting ourselves we list some procedures that we handle for your reference:

  • Plan approval management

  • Management of construction and occupancy permits

  • Procedures before the Legal Technical Secretariat, administrative fines for omission, lack of construction permits, discrepancies with the approved plans, violations of security measures. Violations of Law 6 and Municipal Agreement 148 of December 1, 2006, Municipal Agreement 281 of March 2, 2016, among others.



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