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Panama Legal Advisors is made up of an integral work team with a vocation for service, focused on providing personalized treatment since for us each client is important, they are more than a number.

5 reasons why our team is the one to assist you:

1. We assure you a personalized treatment, analyzing each situation as unique and priority. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated and we offer them the same dedication as if they were our own affairs, trying to take care of every detail.

2. We are your trusted advisors at the distance of a Click. We focus on offering an innovative service coupled with the new normal, in which we will assist you virtually as a first contact and we will try to ensure immediate, effective and efficient responses.

3. We will take on the task of understanding the ordinary course of the business and its respective business plan to advise you in an effective way, trying to take preventive actions, obtaining your trust and being able to work hand in hand with you, generating synergy and witnessing its evolution.

4. We try to be clear and transparent, maintaining active communication with you during every second of the counseling process.

5. Competitive fees, focused on obtaining results, trying to improve ourselves at all times and provide them with a quality service, in order to position ourselves firmly in the market.

Services and Areas of Competence:

  • Real estate law

  • Corporate law

  • Consumer protection

  • Migration and Labor Migration Directorate

  • Family right

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News and Publications
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Regulation of the Telework Law

Executive Decree # 133 of September 16, 2020, which regulates the Teleworking Law has been published in the Official Gazette recently and it has entered into force.

This regulation was agreed upon in a tripartite dialogue table for the Economy and Labor Development.

Among the aspects that were agreed we can highlight:

  • The right of disconnection of the worker in his rest time,

  • Extraordinary telework days governed by the Labor Code,

  • Professional Risks in the place where telework is carried out,

  • Record of hours worked by the worker,

  • That it is mandatory for the employer to supply the tools, instruments, materials, equipment, programs and any requirement of the worker to be able to satisfactorily perform the assigned task. In the same way, it is clarified that these implements must be used only to carry out their work and that they must be returned when the telework is completed,

  • Prohibition of the installation of any type of computer program that violates the privacy of the worker or his family,

  • The employer must cover the expenses related to electricity and internet public services,

  • Among others.

If you require more information on this Regulation, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you as you deserve it.

Areas of Competence

Real estate law

Corporate law

Consumer protection

Migration and Labor Migration Directorate

Family right

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